Japanese beauty products that Japanese YouTuber highly recommends!!

Hey! What’s up guys?

This is yacco.

Today, I’m going to talk about beauty Products that Japanese famous beauty YouTuber highly recommended. I hope you can find something you want to buy when you visit to Japan.


【ROSY ROSA】シフォンタッチスポンジ ダイヤ型

Do you know Risa Sekine? she is the most famous beauty YouTuber in Japan.   This product supposed to be discontinued, but she posted about how much  she is sad because the company decided to discontinue it on YouTube, and  many her subscribers bought this sponge, and then the company decided to  continue selling it, so it’s called miraculous sponge.

What this sponge is amazing is super cheap!! It’s only ¥280(not included tax).

This sponge is suitable for applying  powder foundation and face powder. You can apply face powder lightly. I love this sponge so much.

【CANMAKE】Creamy Touch Liner


This eyeliner pencil is completely water proof, and it glides onto eyelids like melted chocolate. I think most of Japanese girls who like make-up know this eyeliner pencil. This has very narrow lead like 1.5mm, that’s why you can apply eyeliner easily. It’s ¥650(not included tax).


How did you like it? This was my first time to post blog in English. Please let me know if you like it. Thank you for reading 🙂